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Fully Microwavable Luxury Cozy Slippers Snowy

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Warmies - Comfort, Wellness and Care

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Warmies Slippers

Warmies Slippers are loved by millions worldwide. The company has been focused on providing soothing warmth and comfort for over 25 years. Warmies provides the ultimate in home spa and wellness treatment. Find time to relax and unwind with these plush heatable slippers. Surround your feet in healing warmth and relieve your stress, tension and anxiety. Make Warmies slippers part of your wellness routine !

Use to Provide Wellness

Warmies fully microwavable Slippers combine the aromatherapy of French lavender and the therapeutic power of heat. This makes Warmies a perfect solution for so many wellness needs. Rejuvenate, relax and restore with the soothing warmth and comfort of Warmies Slippers. To heat, simply place the product in a microwave according to the directions on the product to release the wonderfully relaxing lavender aroma and comforting warmth.

Use to Provide Comfort

Warmies products provide comfort from every day aches and pains, arthritis, cramps, cold and flu symptoms, ear aches, sinus pain, chills, muscle pain and stiffness, the list goes on and on. Use to relieve stress and anxiety, calming sleep aid, and promote increased circulation. Warmies can also be used as a cold pack; simply place in a sealed freezer bag and freeze for two to three hours. Ideal for reducing temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and reducing swelling. Warmies have provided soothing warmth and comfort Worldwide for over 25 years.

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Warming the World for over 25 years

All Warmies products are made using only the finest quality flaxseed, gently scented with the very best dried French lavender. The Company prides itself on the fully microwavable aspect of their products that do not require a removable heatable inner bag. This makes using Warmies products not only easier, but also safer too. Warmies meet all U.S. safety regulations and puts quality first in all their products. Ideal for every day use, Warmies are certain to become part of your daily wellness routine. Make Warmies your choice for the finest in heatable comfort and wellness products.