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The Grow & Glow Candle is a birthday candle and storybook gift set that celebrate the first 18 years of life. Enclosed in the keepsake box, is a special birthday candle and hardcover book for the whole family to enjoy. When you light the candle on each birthday, read the light hearted story along with it. The book walks you through 18 milestones of a child's life. This gift will create memories for a lifetime and and resonate a message of love and support in all homes. The Grow & Glow Candle is the perfect new baby gift or first birthday gift!

The Grow & Glow Candle

  • The Grow & Glow Candle is made of high quality parrafin wax and is fragrance free, smokelss and dripless.
  • On each birthday year, enjoy 1-2 hours of burn time down to the next number.  The candle is 13 inches high.
  • This candle is white with a colorful balloon motif, perfect for girl or boy.

The Grow & Glow Candle Storyboook

  • The Grow & Glow Candle hardcover storybook can be personalized on the first page with the child's name and birthday.
  • This book is beautifully illustrated and walks the reader through 18 years of life. Both children and adults alike will enjoy the story, which is both humorous and sentimental.