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1. Brilliant design: Adorable USPTO Patented animal designs featuring the world’s most beloved pets as wireless bluetooth speakers.

2. High Quality: Award winning functionality and design. (National Association of Parenting Products)

3. State of the Art Bluetooth technology: v4.2 with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) functionality

4. Fun, whimsical packaging: featuring the My Audio Pets in their custom environment

5. Interactive MOBILE APP for games to play with My Audio Pets, giving the family a ridiculously fun and engaging experience.

6. Newly designed, acoustically engineered 3w speaker: giving optimum performance within a My Audio Pet, and outperforming any other animal bluetooth speaker available.

7. Robust 500mAh battery: allowing for extended play, dance and fun

8. Thoughtful Accessories:

- A Lanyard for easy portability

- Convenient 60cm charging cable

- Easy to follow instructions & videos

9. A Portable Party! Take and play music with you wherever you go. An ideal travel accessory for the day, or for vacation.

10. Sound beyond size: surprisingly powerful crisp sound from a speaker just a little bigger than a golf ball.

You'll be blown away when you connect you new My Audio Pet to your favorite Bluetooth enabled device

animal speaker my audio pet bluetooth wireless sound beyond size portable sound

Not only will you get Sound Beyond Size, when your music firsts blasts from your device, but when you pair two My Audio Pets, you also get true wireless stereo (TWS) technology! Easily sync two My Audio Pets to almost any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices and stream music straight to these powerful little guys, getting true left channel / right channel stereo sound. Awesome! Though not much bigger than a golf ball, the sound quality is incredible, crystal-clear and powerful.

(Please note, they will not pair with Gen 1 My Audio Pets)

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