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Ollyball - The Ultimate Indoor Play Ball

The Ollyball was designed for full-speed, full-force indoor play. The ball weighs less than an ounce and absorbs shock with its patented KrunchCOR construction. Kids can now safely play ball in the house in any weather, day or night. This alone is cool. What makes Ollyball the “Ultimate Indoor Play Ball” is that the Ollyball can be colored-in with markers and crayons! After being awarded a Toy Association of America 2019 Toy of the Year Award at the “Oscars of the Toy Industry,” Ollyball has been featured on Morning TV shows, appeared in over 100 articles, and also named a Top 19 of 2019 by Boys' Life!

Finally, a ball you can play with in the house and lets kids play for real!

Full-Force Indoor Play

Full-Force Indoor Play is the category VICTURY Sports has coined and carved out to fulfill a literal and figurative “pain” in the market. For decades a common household phrase has been repeated, “Hey kids, don’t play ball in the house!” This is where the idea of Ollyball was sparked.

Tech-Free Toys

The second dimension to Ollyball is the ability to customize and “color-in” the Ollyball with any water-based marker, permanent markers or crayons. In a recent report from Trendhunter (Traditional Toys Report for Toy Association), Tech-free toys have grown in popularity and it ranks a 10/10 in “Popularity” and a 10/10 for “Activity.” This growing trend also reflects concerns from parent advisory groups about the dangers of long-term exposure to electronic and media consumption.